January 29, 2021

3 Common Snow Removal Myths

plowing snow on a highway

The snow is falling, which means that every business needs a good snow removal plan. JFC Grounds Maintenance works with businesses and properties of every size to provide skilled, fast snow removal in the aftermath of a winter storm. What are some of the myths about snow removal and de-icing in Maryland?

3 Common Snow Removal Myths

  1. Chemical Deicer Is All You Need: Some property owners think that chemical deicer is a replacement for snow shoveling or plowing. While it can help to prevent and treat ice, it does not replace the work of a snowplow. Deicing agents work in specific temperatures, and sometimes, without snow removal they cannot do enough work to make your property safe.
  2. Hot Water Works: Some business owners think that hot water will do the trick when it comes to quickly defrosting a pathway or sidewalk. Unfortunately, the water will freeze again and lead to even more ice and even more slippery conditions that require treatment. JFC Grounds Maintenance uses defrosting and ice treatment methods that are safe, environmentally-friendly and time-tested.
  3. Snow Is the Only Dangerous Thing: While what’s on the ground might seem dangerous, you should also pay attention to what is above. Icicles are very dangerous and can pose a danger to customers, employees, tenants and pets. Never stand below icicles and try to hit them, as this could cause them to fall on you.

Snow Removal and Winter Grounds Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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