April 29, 2021

3 Lawn Care Mistakes that Businesses Make

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Hiring a professional lawn care service is one of the best ways to get top-notch results without needing to do it yourself, but many businesses make mistakes when hiring a commercial lawn care company or trying to do it themselves. What are some of the most common lawn care mistakes that businesses make?

3 Common Lawn Care Mistakes

  1. Skipping Soil Testing: Your soil plays a huge role in the health of your grass and your other landscaping elements. If you plant grass but don’t think to test the soil it’s going into first, you could be wasting lots of money. Grass thrives in soil that is between 6-6.5 on the pH scale. We can help determine any improvements that should be made to your soil.
  2. Mowing Too Short: One of the biggest reasons you should work with an expert is to ensure that the lawn is never cut too short during the summer. When you mow the blades too short, it can put the plant into shock and do permanent damage. You should never cut off more than a third of the blade in one mow, and you should always keep your grass around 3-4 inches. JFC Grounds Maintenance can take care of this for you, so your turf will always be attractive.
  3. Dull Blades: Doing your own commercial lawn care or working with a less than professional company can also do damage to your lawn due to dull mower blades. We use high-quality equipment and sharpened mower blades so that the grass will be cut instead of torn. When the blades are torn, the grass will have pale tips that appear brown and unhealthy from a distance.

Landscaping and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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