June 12, 2020

4 Common Summer Lawn Mistakes


Summer is here. How is your lawn doing? Whether you’re a commercial property or a homeowner, there are many common summer lawn mistakes that can lead to short-term patchiness or long-term damage. In most cases, fixing these simple mistakes now can get your lawn back to being healthy in no time!

4 Common Summer Lawn Mistakes

  1. Cutting It Too Short: If you work with JFC Grounds Maintenance, you will never worry about our team cutting your lawn too short. However, if you do the cutting, make sure that you are never cutting off more than 1/3 of the blade at a time. This remains true even if you have very long grass due to going on vacation or something similar. Don’t try to “catch up” and cut off more than one-third at once.
  2. Compacted Soil: Especially in the summer, foot traffic can compact the soil of your lawn. If it gets too compacted, it can prevent water, nutrients and sunlight from properly reaching blades of grass. Aeration can ensure that the soil is loose and ready for grass to thrive.
  3. Water Too Much: It’s tempting to water your grass frequently, especially in the summer when it is hot. Most grasses only need the equivalent of one inch worth of water per week. Before you start your irrigation up for the spring or summer, you should also do a quick check of your sprinklers to ensure they are properly calibrated for your yard.
  4. Dull Lawnmower Blades: Did you know that you need to have your lawnmower blades sharpened? If they are dull, they can end up tearing grass instead of cleanly cutting it. This can cause the lawn to look brown and damage the blades of grass.

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