February 16, 2018

4 Ways Professional Landscape Maintenance Can Make Your Company More Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are priorities for many businesses. While becoming green inside of your business might be difficult if you use a large volume of paper products, going green outside of your business is easy with a professional landscape maintenance company.

Use Water Wisely 

Commercial landscape companies know how to responsibly and properly irrigate your property. Your landscape requires proper watering to remain lush and beautiful throughout the year, and the right irrigation system and maintenance program will get the job done. Aside from making your commercial landscape more attractive with a smaller amount of water, professional landscaping services will also use global water resources more wisely.

Planting Native Plants 

Many of the most popular plants in commercial landscapes are not necessarily from the climate they are planted in. Native plants are those that grow optimally in your climate. These plants are more drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant, so that they require less water and maintenance for optimal health. Local plants protect the ecosystem surrounding your business and reduce the fertilization and watering requirements for your landscape.

Decrease the Amount of Turf 

Are you thinking about decreasing the amount of turf on your commercial property? A commercial landscape company can help you to replace portions of your turf with plantings, ornamental grass or hardscaping. By lowering the amount of turf on your property, you will lower your maintenance requirements (mowing, etc.) and water needs.

Reuse Plant Matter 

If you tackle your landscaping on your own or use less experienced professionals, the waste that results from tree trimming or lawn mowing might just end up in the dumpster. An experienced environmentally-friendly landscaper will recycle and reuse leftover plant matter. Tree trimmings can be turned into mulch and old plantings can be turned into compost.

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