August 16, 2016

Aerating and Overseeding

A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen on its own. Regular mowing, watering and fertilizing can go a long way toward keeping your lawn green and healthy, but don’t stop there! Proper aeration and overseeding can do so much more for the health of your outdoor space to take its appearance to the next level.

Aeration is crucial to the health of your lawn because it alleviates soil compaction. When soils are compacted, air, water, and nutrients are unable to penetrate the built up grass and lawn thatch. To combat or prevent such compaction, use an aerator to perforate the soil with small holes, allowing for the proper circulation of nutrients.

There are two main aerator tools to choose from: a spike aerator which pokes holes in the soil with a tine or fork, or a plug aerator, which removes a core of grass and soil from the lawn. In general, plug aerators are more effective than spike aerators, which can cause additional compaction in the areas around the holes. The best time to aerate is during the growing season, when the grass is better able to fill in the open areas removed by the plug aerator.

Overseeding is the practice of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn, so that younger grass may fill in the gaps left behind by maturing, thinning grasses. This process contributes to the health and beauty of the lawn by working to counteract the natural thinning of mature grasses, allowing your lawn to remain continually lush and green. It is a great way to improve lawn quality without the need to kill existing turf, or start over from scratch.

Overseeding can repair damage sustained during the warmer, drier months, minimize weeds through thicker turf, and improve the overall quality of the lawn. Overseeding can also be used to slowly transition to a higher quality grass variety. Like aeration, overseeding should be done when your lawn is actively growing. Overseeding may also follow aeration, to encourage the quick growth and healing of removed soil plugs.

If your lawn is used and enjoyed heavily, both aeration and overseeding are effective methods for maintaining its longevity and maintaining a lush and green appearance. If done regularly alongside routine mowing, watering, and fertilizing, you and your family will be able to get the most out of your outdoor space, without sacrificing its beauty and health. For more advice on keeping your lawn healthy, contact us at JFC Grounds Maintenance.