While some people enjoy a more rustic appearance to landscaping, a meticulous and crisp landscape requires edging. Edging works by creating a neat line between areas in your yard with plantings and areas that are turf. While you might not always think about edging, it’s the X-factor behind the most attractive landscapes.

Why Should You Invest in Edging?

  • A tidy, manicured appearance to your lawn
  • Greater curb appeal and increased landscape value
  • Creates a root barrier so that invasive grasses will be less likely to enter your garden, plantings and flowerbeds
  • Frames your lawn and landscaping beautifully
  • Prevents weeds from invading your landscape
  • Helps in restricting mulches within your bed areas

What Types of Edging Are Available?

  • Plastic edging is a very inexpensive and versatile option that is also easy to install. However, plastic edging is a less popular choice because it is partially visible and can be easily damaged by a trimmer or lawn mower. Plastic edging can also be damaged by frost during the fall and winter months.
  • Steel edging is very durable and can also be installed easily. While more expensive than the plastic alternative, steel edging can last throughout the year with little maintenance or adjustment.
  • Brick pavers and stones are a very popular edging option since these can add color and personality to the landscape. Brick and paver edgings can make it easier to cut your grass by serving as a mowing strip, and there are countless colors, shapes and styles of pavers on the market. While this type of edging takes more effort to install, it can last a very long time.

Get Professional Edging for Your Landscape

Has your lawn taken a beating this summer? Are you ready to edge your lawn and garden beds? Give JFC Grounds Maintenance a call at (410) 655-2887. We can guide you through restoring your lawn to a gorgeous, lush green and take care of aeration and overseeding now for a beautiful lawn next spring.