While we haven’t experienced the full brunt of a Maryland winter yet, snow days and icy mornings are right around the corner. At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we help out residents and businesses with snow removal services during the nastiest weather months of the year.

Preparing for Plowing

Being prepared for plowing is essential to ensuring a great result, whether JFC is or your local municipal plow is headed your way. When you are preparing for a plow to visit your street or parking lot, you should:

  • Shovel all snow from your driveway back from the road and towards one side of your driveway instead. If you push everything near the street and then get plowed, it can create huge pillars that will freeze and potentially block your view for exiting your driveway safely.
  • Never shovel your snow into a roadway. Aside from making a slippery spot, it could be illegal in your neighborhood.
  • In a parking lot, keep corner parking spots empty so that there is an easy place to push snow. Otherwise, piles might need to be left in unsightly and inconvenient places.
  • Park your car to the side of the driveway if your driveway is also cleared by the snow plow. That way, the plow can tackle as much snow as possible when it arrives.

When a Snow Plow Arrives at Your Home

  • Never assume that a plow can see you if you are out shoveling your property. Always stay alert and stay out of areas where plows are working. If you are going to be out in your driveway when a plow is also out, you should wear brightly colored clothing and stay away from the roadway.
  • Always keep your kids and pets away from sidewalks and roads when plowing is taking place. You should also remind your kids of the importance of not playing in piles of snow whenever a plow or car is on the road. They won’t be visible, and it can easily create a dangerous situation.

Get Ready for Snow with JFC Grounds Maintenance

Do you need a reliable way to keep your driveway and street cleared during the snowy winter months? Give JFC Grounds Maintenance a call at (410) 655-2887.