Snow fell for the first time in Maryland this past week, and many residents were left digging out their cars, shoveling their driveways and waiting for the plows to take care of the streets. There’s more headed this way, too! If your commercial property or business needs a better way to take care of snow and ice removal, JFC Grounds Maintenance can help. What are some of the benefits of hiring a professional snow removal service?

3 Benefits of Hiring a Snow Removal Service

  1. Can customers and employees access your business? If you plan on opening up for business after snow falls, you need a plan to remove it promptly and with minimum disruption. Commercial snow removal can take care of maintaining your parking lot and sidewalks so that your employees and customers can easily get into and out of your business.
  2. Safety matters when it comes to your commercial liability. Even in states like Maryland, where the person slipping on snow is considered at fault due to the assumption of risk, your business can land in hot water for not properly maintaining the grounds. Professional snow removal service will treat your grounds to prevent ice from forming and quickly remove any snow accumulation.
  3. Every year, countless small businesses end up damaging their properties attempting to treat for ice and clean up snow. Even if you have professional-grade equipment, if you are not properly trained in how to use it you can end up doing more harm than good. Our snow removal professionals know how to handle twisting driveways, awkwardly-shaped parking lots and narrow walkways without causing damage.

Take Care of Your Yard with JFC Grounds Maintenance

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