This summer has been a scorcher for many Maryland residents! How is your lawn looking? If you’re like many of your neighbors, it is probably patchy, faded and quite a bit different than it looked in the spring. Thankfully, now is the perfect time to give your lawn some TLC and prepare for next year’s lush lawn with aeration and overseeding. JFC Grounds Maintenance works with hundreds of homeowners every year to revitalize their lawns and prepare them for next year with aeration and overseeding.


What Is Lawn Aeration?


Lawn aeration punches small holes across your lawn so that nutrients, water and air can reach parts of the soil and grass that were previously compacted. By getting more nutrients, grass will grow stronger at the root and be lusher and greener. Aeration also reduces the damage done by placing heavy lawn furniture on the lawn, walking across it and enjoying summer activities on the grass. If your landscape has not been aerated in a great deal of time, there are so many dense dirt particles that air, nutrients and water won’t reach deep into the soil to penetrate the entire grass blade.


What Is Overseeding?


Overseeding is a unique technique that can help your lawn to return in the spring greener and more lush than before. In combination with aeration, it can give you a high impact. Our lawn professionals will spread grass seed over your lawn. Because there are already small holes punched from aeration, the seeds will be able to grow roots before warmer weather rolls around next year. Overseeding will bring your lawn back to life without needing to invest in sod. Late summer and fall are the perfect times to have aeration and overseeding performed.


When Should You Aerate and Overseed?


In general, the best months to aerate and overseed are August and September. The days are warm enough to encourage growth, and the night is not so cold that things will freeze. JFC Grounds Maintenance suggests having these two procedures performed back to back during August or September for Maryland customers.


Aeration and Overseeding from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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