Colder months are here, which means that it’s time to adjust your plant and landscaping care routines both inside and outside of your home. Before the first snow falls, it’s time to think about how to care for your indoor and outdoor plants during the coldest months of the year.


Caring for Outdoor Plants


Some of your plants may need to be covered to lock in as much heat as possible and survive the winter. Others are strong enough that they can easily survive snow and ice. When considering whether or not to cover your plants, first consider how long they have been planted. Well-established plants are less vulnerable to the cold weather than newer plants. You should also consider the location of the plant. If the plant is next to a fence, tree or other outdoor structure, it will naturally be more protected than a plant that is not.


You should also check the weather forecast. During an extended period of 25-degree weather, plants may need additional covering. However, if it will only drop below 25 degrees for one night, that isn’t necessarily needed. If you choose to cover, use floating row covering or black plastic covering. Cloth is not typically the best choice, as if it gets wet it will become heavy and weigh down plants. In a pinch, cardboard boxes can also work well.


Caring for Indoor Plants


Winter is one of the easiest times to damage or kill a houseplant thanks to poor light conditions, dry air, frigid temperatures and shorter days. Care for your plants by:

  • Move them closer to the windows and clean the windows off to allow as much light as possible to slip through
  • Avoid putting plants too close to heat sources or cold drafty areas
  • Be careful not to overwater plants by poking your finger at least 2 inches down to check for soil moisture
  • Maintain humidity levels of 40-50% in areas of your home with house plants if possible
  • Continue to fertilize your pants through the winter


Winter Plant Care from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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