Spring is here, and now is the time to get a head start on your spring commercial landscaping tasks. At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we are looking forward to a spring and summer keeping your landscape beautiful and in excellent condition. What are the commercial landscaping services we offer this spring for properties like yours?

5 Most Popular Commercial Landscaping Services for Spring

  1. Leaf Cleanup: Did any leaves linger on your property after the fall and winter? Pine oak trees hold many of their leaves through the winter months and some trees, like pear trees, don’t drop their leaves until later in the year. Spring is the perfect time to conduct one final leaf cleanup before the warm months of growth ahead.
  2. Debris Cleanup: Plenty of yard waste accumulates over the winter, including pine cones, leaves, sticks, pine needles and more. We can clear debris from your landscape and from any hard surfaces on your property to ensure you are ready for spring and summer business.
  3. Snow Damage: Whether it’s from a county snowplow or the ice melt that you mistakenly used on your turf, we can help to rehabilitate any areas of your landscape or property that are suffering from snow damage. We can also check your lawn for any signs of snow mold that developed over the winter. If there is snow mold, we can remove or attempt to revive the matted grass before long-term damage occurs.
  4. Maintain Perennials: We can trim back any perennials that were not properly pruned during the fall or winter and remove any debris that the process leaves behind.
  5. Apply Fertilizer: The first fertilizer application of the year can be applied in addition to pre-emergency to control weeds this spring.

Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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