Summer might seem far in the distance, but the way you treat your lawn this spring will have a dramatic effect on how it looks this summer. Green grass is what every homeowner and business owner wants. It creates a wonderful first impression and is very aesthetically pleasing. How can you get a greener lawn this summer at your residential or commercial property?

3 Ways to Get a Green, Lush Lawn this Summer

  1. Water Deeply, But Not Too Often: If you water frequently and only for a few minutes at a time, the roots of the grass will not grow as deeply into the ground. Unfortunately, that also means that the roots are not deep enough to get to nutrients deep in the soil when you are unable to water for a few days or there is an extended period of hot weather. Instead, water deeply so that the water gets 4-6 inches beneath the surface. It takes some experimentation to determine how long this will take, but once you know, use a water timer and you will always know exactly how long you need to water for.
  2. Get Rid of Broadleaf Weeds Before Summer Arrives: The best time to kill weeds is when they are just starting to grow, as the herbicide will be absorbed through the leaves and distributed through the rest of the plant. When the weather is not warm enough, the herbicide will not be absorbed, and the chemical will be ineffective. If it’s too hot, however, the herbicide will put extra stress on the grass.
  3. Test the Soil pH Level: Grass grows the most when the soil is between 6 and 7.2 Anything that is too acidic or too alkaline can lead to grass that just doesn’t seem to grow, even if you are doing everything else that you can. JFC Grounds Maintenance can test and treat your soil to ensure it is in the best condition possible.

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