Sustainability and a beautiful commercial landscape don’t need to be opposite ends of a spectrum! Instead, with a little help from an experienced grounds maintenance company like JFC Grounds Maintenance, you can easily have a gorgeous commercial landscape that is good for business and good for the environment.

4 Ways to Make a More Sustainable Commercial Landscape

  1. Irrigate Smarter Not Harder: Irrigation that uses water wisely is the backbone of any great sustainable commercial landscape. Many irrigation systems waste water by watering too frequently or distributing it inefficiently. A smart irrigation control system with rain sensors can detect exactly what your turf needs and turn on or off accordingly. For a more affordable substitute, you can always decrease how often you are watering and water deeply and less frequently.
  2. Use Native Plants: Native plants are already adapted to the climate where your business is located, which means that it takes less maintenance to keep them thriving. Native plants also typically need less fertilizer and less water, both of which are critical parts of sustainability.
  3. Recycle Your Debris: Commercial landscaping can lead to a great deal of yard waste and debris, but did you realize that you can recycle some of it? Tree debris and lawn clippings can all turn into valuable substances like mulch or fertilizer. Make an effort to recycle as much of the material left behind at the end of your commercial landscaping as possible.
  4. Nurture What You Have: Taking care of what you have is often greener than transporting, planting and maintaining new things if you already have good quality trees and plants on your property. Take care of what you have with regular pruning and maintenance from a professional like JFC Grounds Maintenance.

Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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