The summer is already waning, and September is rapidly approaching. That means that now is the perfect time to put lawn aeration on your schedule. August and September are the ideal months for having both aeration and overseeding completed, and this service helps to nourish your lawn and ensure it grows thick and lush when spring rolls around.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Great lawns need great care, and a lush lawn needs nutrients, sunlight, water and air to thrive. Over the course of the summer, many lawns take a beating due to foot traffic, cookouts and the bright sun. If you do not take the time to aerate your lawn annually, the roots of your grass will be smothered by the tight, compact soil surrounding them.

Lawn aeration takes out small cylinder-shaped punches of compressed soil and grass from your property and loosens the soil. By removing some of the compact soil, the roots of your existing grass will have more access to sunlight, air, fertilizer, nutrients and grass seed (during overseeding).

What Are the Benefits of Aeration?

  1. Over time, your grass will become healthier and have more resilience against damage
  2. The soil in your yard will be less compact
  3. Grass will grow deeper roots and be better able to tolerate drought
  4. The thatch layer will be easier to manage
  5. Your lawn will be prepared for overseeding
  6. Maximize the impact of fertilizer, water and good growing conditions
  7. Better ability of surviving cold and hot weather
  8. More resistance to pests, fungus, disease and poor weather conditions

How Does Aeration Work?

First, our landscaping workers will use a high-quality aerator to punch small holes in your lawn. The tool will leave behind compact dirt plugs across the surface of the turf. These holes are not typically very big (the size of a nickel or slightly bigger) and 2-3 inches long. The plugs will be left on the surface and naturally broken down by the rain and weather to give your grass even more nutrition. The holes that are punched are the perfect foundation for overseeding.

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