Every homeowner and property owner wants a beautiful, lush lawn, but after a long summer, most lawns this year are looking compacted, thin and patchy. Aeration and overseeding are fantastic solutions to these problems, but not if you are making any of these mistakes!

Aeration and Overseeding Mistakes

  1. Not Using the Right Equipment: Aeration requires professional equipment to be completed properly, which is why it’s such a great idea to hire a professional like JFC Grounds Maintenance to get the job done. Aerators need to be powerful enough to quickly remove plugs of compacted grass and soil from the ground, so you should never try to cut corners or you might do damage to your lawn.
  2. Trying to DIY It: Another common aeration mistake is trying to do it by yourself with rented equipment. If you aren’t sure what you are doing, the quality of the equipment that you have does not necessarily matter. Not using the machine properly could do permanent damage to your turf.
  3. Not Doing It at the Right Time: Aeration and overseeding are best completed in September or October. If you overseed and aerate too early, the seeds might be killed. Our professionals will make sure that your service is completed at the optimal time for your lawn.
  4. Not Keeping Your Lawn Moist: After aeration and overseeding are completed, you need to keep your lawn moist to make sure that the growth process can start. In most cases, the natural rain cycle does not provide enough moisture, so make sure that you carefully follow instructions and keep the seeds covered with moist soil (at least .25 inches deep).
  5. Mowing Too Soon: Do you give your seeds enough time to sprout and grow? If you mow your lawn too soon before the seeds have had a chance to set roots, you might do damage. In general, plan on waiting 2-4 weeks after aeration and overseeding before mowing the lawn again.

Aeration and Overseeding from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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