Native plants are not just a way to make your commercial landscape more attractive; they are also a wonderful way to cut down on your maintenance requirements and help the environment. How can you start incorporating native plants into your commercial landscape?

What Are Native Plants?

Native plants are plants that are found in the natural ecosystem surrounding your business. Instead of choosing exotic plants that are not found naturally in Maryland, you can choose native plants that thrive in the conditions already present. Using native plants helps local animals and plants to thrive, and they also provide pollinators with the resources necessary to help the ecosystem stay vibrant and healthy. Many commercial properties love using native plants because they require less maintenance and care to stay healthy.

How to Incorporate Native Plants into Your Commercial Landscape

  1. Native plants and flowers are excellent for adding a fun pop of color to your yard. Color can be used to make your landscape feel more seasonal and fresh, or it can be used to denote entrances and other landmarks on your property. Bright pink flowers can accent your front entrance, or warm orange flowers could make things feel festive for the fall.
  2. If you have a lot of space where you can incorporate plants, try grouping your native plants by habitat. Even plants that are all considered native to Maryland can thrive under different conditions, so grouping plants that need the same amount of water, sunlight and nutrients in the same place can make it even simpler to maintain your yard.
  3. Test your soil to see how acidic it is. Working with JFC Grounds Maintenance to complete your commercial landscape design will ensure that all of the native plants chosen will be perfect for your budget, maintenance goals and environment.

Fall Yard Care and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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