Have you taken care of your fall clean-up tasks yet? December is your last chance to clean up your yard before snow starts falling in January. JFC Grounds Maintenance can help with leaf removal at your home or business so that you are in excellent shape for the winter months.

Why Should You Take Care of Leaf Removal Using a Professional?

  • We’re Faster: Professionals have heavy-duty equipment designed to quickly and easily remove and dispose of leaves. Leave your rake in the shed! We have plenty of leaf vacuums, blowers, rakes and other leaf removal tools to remove your leaves in the most efficient and thorough way possible.
  • Exceptional Care: When we complete a fall clean-up or leaf removal surface, we always do so with the health of your entire yard and lawn in mind. Leaf removal helps to prevent leaves from making large, matted clumps on your lawn. The longer that they sit, the more that they can smother the grass underneath. Mold can also grow and spread throughout the lawn over time.
  • It’s Easy: As we enter the holiday season, do you really want one more thing on your to-do list? Even if you have a small yard, leaf clean-up time takes valuable moments that you could be spending warm inside with your family away. Let us handle the dirty work outside while you celebrate the holidays inside.
  • We Can Finish It All: Beyond your leaf clean-up, we can also handle any other services that you need done. For example, now is a great time to handle gutter cleaning so that melted snow and ice from your roof can easily drain off without damaging your foundation or overflowing. If you have a yard maintenance task that needs to be done, we can help.

Leaf Removal and Fall Clean-Ups from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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