Once the snow and ice from our latest storm melt, how will your landscape look? Even though we are in the midst of another cold Maryland winter, you should still take care of your landscape. How can you care for your home’s landscape during winter when snow is in the forecast?

What to Do Before the Snow

  1. Check for any low-hanging, diseased, dead or dying branches around your home. Cut them back or have them professionally trimmed so that there is a lower risk of them falling on your home, an animal or a person. Even if you had this done at the start of the season, it’s worth taking another walk through your yard to make sure.
  2. Secure any small plants in your yard. Bring potted small plants inside or set them in a sheltered area. During the storm, it might be smart to go outside and knock heavy snow off the leaves of sensitive plants as it falls.
  3. Cover any flowering plants or seedlings in your yard to protect them against intense frost or heavy ice and snow.

What to Do After the Snow

  1. Instead of trying to manually remove any ice, let it melt on its own. Knocking off icicles can do damage to both plants and you.
  2. Dust off heavy snow from hedges, shrubs and larger plants. Start at the bottom and work your way up.
  3. Once spring arrives, you will see the exact damage that has been done and you will be better able to stake and reshape any plants that were damaged.
  4. Check your trees and shrubs for cracking, splitting or signs of breaking. Wait until spring to do any heavy pruning, as you won’t yet be able to tell what is flowering or recovered.

Snow Removal and Winter Grounds Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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