When snow is in the forecast, and there’s a chance of ice on the way, many homeowners and business owners grab bags of ice melt to prevent slippery conditions. However, depending on what you reach for, you might be doing damage to your property! How can you choose the right ice melt and use it safely?

Choose the Right Product

While using too much salt or a variety of ice melt that is not good for the surface it’s on can do serious damage to your property, this is precisely why working with the right grounds maintenance company is so critical! We use the right products in the appropriate quantities, so you won’t see any property damage once the snowstorm is over. Since there are a variety of ice melt options, it can be challenging for homeowners or property owners to discern which are safe for their properties. We’ll always use chemicals that are safe for delicate surfaces and lawns so they’ll stay in great shape all year long and you’ll have clear parking lots and walkways throughout the winter.

Use Ice Melt the Right Way

Always follow manufacturer instructions when using your ice melt. Most will list exactly how much ice melt should be used to cover a specific area. In general, today’s ice melt products pack a powerful punch, so less is more. As they work, they will spread out and dissolve into a much broader area than where they were initially placed. If possible, use a fertilizer spreader to distribute salt to ensure that it is far apart. Avoid using mugs or cups that can leave behind piles of salt in some areas and nothing in others.

Snow Removal and Winter Grounds Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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