Adding flowers to your landscape, whether it’s a seasonal pop of color or permanent addition, is a great way to add curb appeal and make a great first impression. However, there are seemingly endless options available! Choosing the right flowers takes time to ensure that they will thrive and be easy to care for. How can you make the right decisions with help from JFC Grounds Maintenance?

Know The Basics

Like any other plants that you might consider adding to your landscape, flowers will need access to plenty of water and sunlight. Wherever you choose to add flowers to your landscape, you should ensure that the spot is easy to water and that there is access to sunlight. Most flowers love the sun, but you should still have an idea of how much direct sunlight different parts of your landscape receive. Some flowers like sunlight and thrive well in varied conditions, but others are more sensitive and too much sun can do damage.

Spread Out Your Color

Another critical part of choosing flowers is thinking about the timing of when they will be in bloom. With the right planning, you could be enjoying flowers through spring, summer and fall. This is particularly great for commercial properties, where you want your investment to go as far as possible. We can help in planning your flowers so that you have brightly colored blooms as long as possible.

Plan the Bigger Picture

Finally, many residential and commercial properties lack a detailed landscaping plan. Without one, it’s hard to know how the flowers you are adding contribute to the bigger look that you are going for. The team at JFC Grounds Maintenance can create a master plan for your landscape that incorporates all of the elements you are looking for, including things like shrubs, trees, flowers and hardscaping accents.

Landscaping and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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