All homeowners want to enjoy lawns that are thick, green and lush, but at the end of a long and hot summer, many lawns are compacted, patchy, brown and thin. Aeration and overseeding are two effective ways to improve the quality of your lawn and set it up for success next year, but not if you are falling for some of the common mistakes.

Aeration and Overseeding Mistakes

  1. Doing It Yourself: Some homeowners try to rent aeration and overseeding equipment to do it themselves. Unfortunately, this often backfires, as they aren’t sure how to properly use the equipment and complete both procedures. If you use the aeration machine improperly, you could do permanent damage to your turf.
  2. Using the Wrong Equipment: Aeration must be completed using professional equipment, which is why it’s so important to hire experienced professionals like the team at JFC Grounds Maintenance. The aerators that we use are so powerful that they can rapidly remove plugs of compacted soil and grass from your lawn. The wrong equipment, or equipment that is not properly maintained, will not work as effectively.
  3. Not Keeping Your Lawn Damp: Once you finish aerating and overseeding your lawn, you should ensure that it remains moist so that the growth process can begin. The natural rain cycle for August and September often does not give enough moisture, so adapting your watering patterns is important. Keep the seeds covered with moist soil at least ¼ inch deep.
  4. Timing the Aeration and Overseeding Wrong: These procedures need to be completed in the period from late August to mid-October. If you do things too early, the seeds might get killed from the summer heat. JFC Grounds Maintenance will ensure your service is completed at the perfect time for your yard.
  5. Mowing the Lawn Too Soon: If you don’t give the grass seed in your yard enough time to start sprouting and growing by mowing your lawn too soon, you might do damage. You should wait close to two weeks before cutting after you complete aeration and overseeding so that the grass can develop roots.

Aeration and Overseeding from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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