The weather outside is beautiful and temperate, and it’s the perfect time of year for enjoying the gorgeous landscapes of Maryland. While snow might seem a long way away, now is the perfect time to take care of snow contracts for your commercial property. Working with JFC Grounds Maintenance will ensure that you are ready the moment that snow starts falling.

What Do Our Snow Contracts Include?

At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we offer comprehensive snow contracts that are designed to satisfy all of your needs. We can customize your contract as needed to meet your precise needs.

Lot Plowing

We use professional equipment to quickly and efficiently plow out your parking lot or other roads on your property. Once we finish plowing, we can also take care of applying salt or ice melt.

Shoveling Walkways

Clearing walkways is important so that employees and clients can safely walk to and from your business. Depending on where your business is, it is also an expectation of the property management company. We can ensure that your walkways are clear as soon as possible.


Salting and treating your hard surfaces to reduce the chance of slipping is critical. We work hard to make sure that your property is safe even with snow and ice on the ground.

Applying Safe Ice Melt

We use concrete-safe ice melt that ensures your hard surfaces won’t be damaged as a result of ice prevention. If you want more information about our specific ice melts, we are always happy to share more with you.


Before snow even starts falling, we can pre-treat your property to reduce the chances of ice forming in the first place. This is essential for businesses that don’t immediately close at the first sign of snow, as you want to ensure your property is safe while customers and employees still are on your property.

Snow Removal and Winter Grounds Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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