Spring is an exciting time of year for many businesses as foot traffic often picks up and customers are ready to get out of the house. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, make sure that you don’t forget to complete essential commercial landscaping tasks for spring. JFC Grounds Maintenance is here to help businesses like you make a great first impression through commercial landscaping services.

Tidy Up the Landscape

In the same way that you spring clean around your home to get rid of dust and welcome in a new season, you also need to spring clean your commercial landscape. Winter can take a big toll on shrubs, trees, and garden beds. During spring, you should have your commercial landscape undergo a thorough spring cleanup that will clean out any dead branches and organic debris, as well as prepare garden beds for new growth. Depending on your landscape design, your beds can be edged, mulch can be applied, and soil can be turned over.

Get Your Turf Ready

A lush green lawn starts in the fall through aeration and overseeding, but there are still things that you need to tackle in the spring. If you did not have either of these procedures performed in the fall, you can still benefit by doing them now. Aeration lets fertilizer, nutrients, water, and sunlight reach the roots of the grass to make the highest impact. Overseeding helps to fill in bare spots and make your turf appear thicker.

Additionally, we can apply pre-emergent weed control, fertilizer, and other turf improvement substances in the spring to make sure that weeds are under control before they have the opportunity to start. Applying fertilizer in the spring will also fuel new growth.

Prepare the Irrigation System

Many businesses have commercial irrigation systems that ensure the lawn is properly watered. If you shut yours down for the winter properly, you will need to start it back up for the spring. Make sure that nothing is damaged and that all sprinkler heads are intact and working correctly. If you are adding new plantings this year, you may need to adjust the placement of your sprinklers to ensure that everything gets enough water.

Spring Clean-Up and Lawn Care Services from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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