Whether you’re planning the landscape design of your business or your home, high-traffic areas are unavoidable. Failing to plan ahead can lead to expensive plants and flowers going unappreciated or worse—trampled on. What are some of the best ways to adapt your landscape to high-traffic areas?

Determine Where Your High-Traffic Areas Are

Before you can determine the right solutions to your issue, you should pay attention to where the high-traffic areas of your property are. These often include the entrances and exits, walkways or cut-throughs that are a faster way from the road to the entrance, and the outside of entrances where people might gather. In order to allow for natural movement, you’ll need to adjust your landscaping accordingly.

Incorporate Hardscaping

In order to protect your landscaping and turf, you need to have a certain amount of hardscaped surfaces that people can walk on. If there is a pathway present, people are likely to walk on it instead of across the lawn, even if the lawn is shorter. However, if there is no pathway, people will probably walk across. Whether you choose pavers or concrete, make sure that you understand how to properly maintain it and what ice melt to use in the winter months to prevent damage.

Rely on Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Professional landscapers like the team at JFC Grounds Maintenance understand what to look for when caring for your landscape. For example, we will make sure that there are no issues with the health of plants or turf in high-traffic areas. We will maintain an even, regular mowing pattern to ensure that your lawn looks as neat and even as possible. By maintaining an attractive lawn that looks neat and tidy, you also discourage people from walking across it and potentially doing damage.

Spring Clean-Up and Lawn Care Services from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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