Adding plants to your commercial property is a great way to improve the curb appeal, but strategic placement is vital to get the most out of your investment, simplify maintenance, and keep your plants for as long as possible. Why does placement matter, and how can you get it right?

Why Does Plant Placement Matter?

While some plants, like pansies, are a temporary pop of color that you don’t expect to last for multiple years, other plants like trees need to be placed in an area where they can grow for decades. When placing a plant, think about safety first. Trees that are too close to your building could lose limbs that fall on the building or someone walking by during a storm. Additionally, the roots could disturb the foundation.

Next, think about the first impression that your property makes. Flowers, trees, and shrubs can all make a place feel more welcoming. Try to place plants in areas where visitors will see them and enjoy them. Finally, you should also think about security when placing plants. If you put shrubs beneath windows, it can make it harder for someone to try to gain entry. However, placing shrubs by the door might provide someone with bad intentions with an easy place to hide.

How to Get Plant Placement Right

  • Use a mixture of plants to avoid having a yard that looks only green or only bright. Choose a variety of shrubs, trees, annuals, ornamental grasses, perennials, evergreens, and native plants to accent your business.
  • Pay attention to the microclimates present throughout your property. For example, one side of the building might get more shade or sunlight than the other. Adjust plants accordingly so that they have the conditions that they need to thrive.
  • Consider any pests or wildlife that pass through your landscape on a regular basis. Many Maryland companies struggle with deer, and installing deer-tolerant plants closer to wooded areas can prevent them from wandering through the rest of your property.
  • Think about your security system and how the plants might interact with it. You never want to block an important sight line, obscure one of the cameras in your security system, or provide a hiding spot.
  • Work with the professionals at JFC Grounds Maintenance to get a pro perspective on commercial landscape planning.

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