No homeowner wants their house to have potentially dangerous landscaping problems, but the issue is even more pressing if you own a commercial property. When dozens of customers, employees, and visitors are walking your grounds on a daily basis, you can’t afford to have an accident occur. Here are some of the hidden landscaping hazards that might be lurking on your commercial property.

Standing Water

Standing water can sometimes occur after there was a very heavy amount of rain, like a summer thunderstorm. However, if you notice it happening in your yard after only a light day of rain, there’s a sign that drainage problems could be occurring. Drainage issues lead to many other problems, including dead grass and plants, high mosquito populations, and accidents. Fixing the grading of your landscape often solves standing water issues.

Overgrown Trees, Shrubs, and Plants

Shrubs and trees are great ways to boost the curb appeal of your commercial property, but they can also turn into a liability if they are not properly maintained and cared for. For example, branches that are hanging over the roof of your business might fall during a thunderstorm and do serious roof damage. In other cases, branches hanging low over a walkway might cause someone to hit their head or fall if they aren’t paying attention and walk into the branch. Professional pruning twice a year should manage unwieldy trees and shrubs.

Skipping the Mulch

Mulch serves a variety of purposes, but some people assume it’s just for beautification and skip it. One of the most important things that mulch does is protect the trees and shrubs it’s placed around. Mulch improves moisture retention, decreases soil temperature, and prevents weed growth. When trees and shrubs do not have mulch around the base, they are often more prone to problems and failure. Dead and diseased plants are a huge hazard, as you never know when a branch might fall.

Yard Waste and Seasonal Clean-Ups

Picking up fallen branches, excess leaves in the fall, and other clean-up tasks might seem tedious and superficial, but these tasks also prevent safety issues. Trash and yard waste do not just make your property look unoccupied or poorly cared for, they can also make slip and trip hazards. If you don’t want to tackle fall clean-up on your own, you can work with the professionals at JFC Grounds Maintenance.

Fall Clean-Up and Lawn Care Services from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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