What are your fall plans? Do you want to spend a long weekend raking leaves, removing them, cleaning the gutters, and preparing your yard for fall? Or, would you like to enjoy your free time and the crisp weather that fall in Maryland brings? There are many different reasons to hire the pros at JFC Grounds Maintenance for your fall clean-up that span beyond freeing up your time, and in this newsletter, we’ll be reviewing some of them.

Save Time and Money

Many fall clean-up tasks can require equipment rental or purchasing special tools. Professional landscaping companies come prepared with lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, pruning supplies, and anything else that might be needed to make your yard safe and ready for the winter. Additionally, your time is worth something. Landscaping companies can get the job done faster and with more skill.

Make Your Property Safer

Branches that are dead or dying are a huge hazard. Even healthy branches that are hanging over your roof are walkways could become dangerous when they have inches of snow and ice coating them. Hiring a professional for your fall clean-up ensures that your trees and shrubs will be cleaned up and pruned properly.

Lay a Good Foundation for Next Year

The work that you do on your lawn this year will directly impact how it looks in the spring, and hiring professionals sets you up for success. Aeration and overseeding, for example, can be done in conjunction with your fall clean-up. This two-step process makes it so that your grass can access more sunlight, water, and nutrients and also adds more grass seed for a thicker, lusher lawn next year.

Don’t Skip Any Steps

Let’s face it, most homeowners have parts of their yard maintenance routine that they don’t particularly enjoy doing. However, that doesn’t make those parts any less important. Professionals will take care of every aspect of your fall clean-up, whether it’s cleaning out the gutters, tackling weeds in your garden beds, or putting out mulch. JFC Grounds Maintenance can handle your fall preparations from start to finish with ease, so you don’t need to worry about doing anything that you don’t enjoy.

Fall Clean-Up and Lawn Care Services from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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