While fall is when most plants slow their growth before going dormant for the winter, there are still landscaping tasks that need to be taken care of. Working on your landscape is a little different than doing maintenance the rest of the year. Here is what you need to know about the most common fall landscaping mistakes.

Letting Leaves Get Out of Control

Raking and blowing leaves is not a task that many homeowners look forward to, but it gets more challenging the longer that you let leaves sit. If you let leaves sit in heavy cover all over your lawn, there is a high chance that the turf will develop snow mold. If you don’t want to tackle leaves on your own, work with JFC Grounds Maintenance for your fall clean-up!

Not Planning for Spring

One of the biggest fall landscaping mistakes is forgetting to plan ahead for the spring. Some tasks, like planting flower bulbs and aeration and overseeding, should be done in the fall to ensure good results in the spring.

Putting Dirty Tools Away

When you open the shed for the first time in the spring, it can be incredibly frustrating to find dirty or damaged tools. When you are putting away everything for the last time in the fall, make sure you are cleaning them and making any repairs that should be made.

Skipping Protection on Young Trees

Did you add new trees to your yard this year? Trees with thin bark, like maple and ash, or trees that are young should get extra protection for the winter. Tree wrap should be placed around the trunk of the tree to reduce damage from winter winds and snow.

Letting Weeds Grow

While weeds will eventually die in the winter, leaving them in the ground increases the chances that some will survive and be back again next year. Continue pulling weeds throughout the fall so that your yard has a fresh start in the spring.

Fall Clean-Up and Lawn Care Services from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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