The temperatures are getting colder, which means that the time for planting and harvesting is over. While winter gives gardeners a bit of a break from time outside, what you do (and don’t do) over the course of the winter months can impact your lawn next spring and summer. What are some of the most common winter landscaping mistakes?

Cutting the Grass Too Short

Just like grass that is cut too short in the summer can experience serious damage, grass that is cut too short in the winter can also be an issue. When you are cutting your lawn for the last time before temperatures drop below freezing, you should leave it between two and three inches tall.

Leaving Leaves Behind

Raking and cleaning up leaves is not something that everyone cares to do, but that’s why you can hire a professional like JFC Grounds Maintenance to do it for you! Letting leaves sit on your grass in the winter can encourage snow mold and other lawn diseases. It can also give pests like rodents a place to shelter close to your home.

Not Planning Ahead

Do you want to enjoy daffodils when the temperatures are warming up in the spring? Fall is the time to plant bulbs for the spring, as it’s too late once the ground is frozen. Additionally, fall is a great time to fertilize your plants so that they are ready to grow in the spring. The effort that you put into planting bulbs and fertilizing now will pay off in 2023.

Not Calling JFC Grounds Maintenance

At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we can help you with all of your fall and winter lawn and landscaping tasks. If there is something that you don’t want to tackle, whether it’s pruning your trees or raking the leaves, we can take care of it for you.

Fall and Winter Clean-Up and Lawn Care Services from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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