The temperatures might be cold now, but soon they will be rising and welcoming daffodils and spring greenery to your yard. A spring clean-up is an excellent way to tidy up your yard, optimize lawn growth, and get ready for the coming season. What are some of the best reasons why you should schedule a spring clean-up at your property?

Remove Debris from Fall and Winter

Winter’s snow and ice can wreak havoc on your yard, and that’s after leaves and fall debris have lingered. During a spring clean-up, we can remove all yard debris and excess organic matter from your property, including leaves, twigs, branches, weeds, and more. This will make sure that your lawn is ready for a season of new growth and that you don’t waste precious spring gardening time simply cleaning up from last year.

Tackle Everything at Once

Yardwork tasks can eat up your weekends and leave you with little time to do the other things that you enjoy. Scheduling a spring clean-up from JFC Grounds Maintenance will free up your schedule so that you don’t need to worry about sacrificing your free time to make sure that your landscape is ready for warmer weather.

Prepare Gutters for Spring Rains

Spring in Maryland often means heavy thunderstorms and downpours, and your gutters need to be prepared for the increase in precipitation. Even if you cleaned out your gutters in the fall, there might still be leaves and additional debris that accumulated over the course of the winter. During your spring clean-up, we will thoroughly inspect and clean your gutters.

Tackle Aeration and Overseeding

Many homeowners schedule their overseeding and aeration procedures for the fall, but it’s still possible to complete them in the spring. If you want to have the lushest, greenest lawn possible, combining these treatments is an excellent idea. Aeration removes small plugs from the soil in your yard, which allows grass roots to access more fertilizer, light, water, and nutrients. Overseeding adds seeds to those holes so that your lawn can appear thicker and have fewer bare or sparse patches.

Spring Clean-Ups and Year-Round Groundskeeping Care from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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