As you’re starting your spring landscaping projects, adding a new tree or two might be on the list. Planting a tree in your yard is a great way to celebrate Earth Day, increase your property value, and enjoy some greenery. However, choosing the right tree matters. Here are some of our best tips for finding the perfect tree for you!

Check Your Growing Space

Different trees grow in different sizes, so it’s important to know the amount of space that you are filling before choosing the correct species for your yard. For example, if you are going to be placing your tree near your home, you won’t want to choose something that will have extensive root systems that may disrupt the foundation of your home. Additionally, pay attention to what is overhead. Power lines and other aerial obstacles will need to be avoided or planned for.

Know Your Goal

Different types of trees are good for different things, so you should make sure that you have a clear goal at the start of the shopping process. Are you hoping for a tree that provides you with a large amount of shade? Are you mainly hoping to add a pop of color to your yard? Do you want to attract more pollinators and birds to your yard? Most trees serve multiple purposes, but knowing your ultimate goal is important when searching for the perfect tree for your yard.

Think About Growing Conditions

First, look up your hardiness zone. This gives you an idea of whether or not a tree will be able to survive the winters where you live. Next, consider your soil type, how much light the area gets, and the moisture levels. Trees that do well in sandy and loose soil will struggle if you have dense, clay soil. Thinking carefully about the growing conditions will increase the chances that your tree will succeed.

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