When you don’t have much space to work with, maximizing what you do have is even more important. Small backyards might be tight on room, but they can be big on personality with the right planning. At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we are happy to help you design your perfect yard—whatever that means! Here are three of our favorite landscaping ideas for small backyards.

Create a Focal Point

While there is nothing wrong with a backyard that feels cozy from all of the plants growing in it, for a more classic and elevated look you should choose a single focal point. Whether it’s a tree in the middle of the backyard or a fountain, think about what you’d like to show off and have everything else clustered around it. If you do have a prized flowerbed, consider placing stones or pavers radiating out from it to draw attention to the flowers and streamline the space.

Layer Your Landscaping

Layering your landscaping is a great way to maximize a small space and give you all the greenery that you want without needing to sacrifice precious room. When you layer a landscape, think about different plants from different heights. For example, if you have a tall line of bushes in the back, plant flowers that are a slightly shorter height in front of them, place other greenery or flowers in front of those flowers, and then explore ground cover options to complete the look.

Stay Away from Straight Lines

Straight lines can make landscaping easy, as you’ll have defined areas carved out throughout the space. However, they can also make things feel smaller and more rigid than it actually is. Use rounded edges and corners to make your backyard feel more natural and flowing. We can help you create beds with a rounded and appealing look throughout your landscape.

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