The right landscaping company makes it easy to pull up to your property and take in its beauty without being distracted by bushes that need to be pruned or turf that looks like it is overgrown or patchy. Unfortunately, many businesses signed contracts years ago and have not reconsidered whether or not they are using the correct landscaping company for their needs today. Here are some of the signs that it’s time to switch your landscaping company.

No (or Poor) Communication

As a business, you work hard to communicate with your customers so that they know what to expect, what you are doing for them, and what you need from them to continue doing a great job. Unfortunately, not every lawn care company or landscaping company excels at communication. At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we go above and beyond to proactively communicate with all of our clients.

Poor Lawn Quality

Most business owners decide to hire a professional landscaping company to get beautiful turf. While this is not the only benefit of working with professionals, it is an expected one. If you find that, after multiple years, your lawn is still not as thick or green as you would like it to be and your lawn care company has not helped you achieve your goals, it might be time to switch. When you work with us, we can perform a variety of tests, like soil testing, to get to the root of the matter.

No Call, No Show

The employees that you hire have schedules, and you expect them to show up on time or call you to notify you that they won’t be able to be in on time. You should expect the same from your landscaping company. Accidents can happen, but repeated missed appointments without any follow-up are a huge cause for concern. Your lawn care company should respect your time and the money that you are paying them to do the job.

Trust JFC Grounds Maintenance to Be Your Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance Company

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