A beautiful garden is a sight to behold, but it can sometimes be overtaken by a variety of plants that grow a little bit too well. Common plants, which often appear totally innocuous, can easily turn into relentless invaders and overwhelm your garden with aggressive, unchecked growth. Here are some of the plants that you should look for in your Maryland landscape to avoid losing your blooms and stop a garden takeover.

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed was first imported for use in ornamental plantings in the late 1800s, and since then it has taken over gardens across the country. It is a shrubby plant that can grow to a whopping ten feet tall! It is notorious for spreading quickly in a short period of time, and the plant’s rhizomes can get deep into the soil. This makes it much harder to get rid of without help from the professionals.

English Ivy

English ivy is a plant that is often beloved for how it can make a home look quaint and charming, but it is also a nightmare for your house. The same ability that lets it climb up walls and trellises also allows it to climb over shrubs, trees, and plants throughout your yard. The dense foliage of English ivy can block out light and stop the plants underneath it from growing and thriving. In order to limit the spread of English ivy, you should regularly prune the affected area.


Bamboo is thought to be an exotic way to make your garden seem unique, but it’s also an invasive nightmare to get rid of. Many bamboo species spread rapidly through their rhizomes underground. Once established, bamboo growth is challenging to control, as its sturdy roots are capable of damaging foundations and hardscapes.


You might think of mint as a delightful herb to add to your garden, but it might be the only herb in your garden if you aren’t careful. Mint spreads through underground runners and can quickly establish itself in different parts of your garden, choking out neighboring plants. To control its spread, plant mint in containers and constantly be on the lookout for it where it should not be.

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