Winter in Maryland might bring chilly temperatures and occasional snow, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping has to suffer. With the right selection of plants, you can maintain a vibrant and appealing outdoor space even during the coldest months. Here are some of the best plants that thrive despite the cold weather.


This native shrub is a great fit for Maryland winter landscapes. Known for its bright red berries that remind many of the winter months, Winterberry will add a pop of color against the snow-covered landscape in your yard. The red berries will last throughout winter and are a favorite among birds, which can be great if you’re hoping to attract wildlife through your landscape.

Evergreen Trees

Trees can add value to your yard, and they can also be a key part of your winter landscape. Evergreen trees help landscapes to feel lush and full, even during times of the year when leaves are on the ground. While you might associate this type of tree with just green trees, evergreen trees sometimes come in other colors. Blue dwarf spruce trees have a slight blue tint, which can add a unique flair to your yard.

Coral Bells

Coral bells are a plant you might associate with the summer, but they can also thrive in the winter with the right care. Coral bells have flowers in the warmer months, but the leaves can stay green throughout the winter. They do very well in container gardens or planters, and they are also sometimes used for ground cover.


Hellebores are another great perennial option that can provide you with a pop of color in your landscape late in winter or early in the spring. While they won’t be colorful all winter long, they’re a great option to welcome warmer weather. These flowers are available in a broad range of colors, including crisp white and rich purple.

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