Winter weather has finally arrived in Maryland, and while rain has been the most prevalent so far, dropping temperatures can lead to snow and ice that spell danger for your business. Beyond removing slushy grey snow that makes your property unattractive, snow removal also serves important purposes. Why should you ensure that you have a snow removal plan the next time snow starts falling in Maryland?

Safety Matters

The safety of employees, customers, and visitors should always be your top priority. Snow and ice accumulation creates hazardous conditions, which can lead to slips, falls, and potential injuries. Timely and effective snow removal is not just about clearing pathways; it’s a way to make sure that everyone walking on your property can do so safely.

Accessibility Matters

Snow and ice that have not been properly taken care of can hinder access to entrances, parking lots, and walkways. In a commercial setting, customers and employees not being able to get to your door can disrupt normal operations, lower foot traffic, and impact revenue. Timely professional snow removal ensures that your property remains accessible and welcoming to customers.

Risk Mitigation Matters

You have a legal responsibility to make sure that your property is safe, and many different counties and municipalities have additional laws governing when snow needs to be removed by. If you don’t follow the rules, you could face legal consequences if an accident occurs. Professional snow removal services help you rest easy and know that you are doing your best to mitigate risk.

Maintenance Matters

Did you know that prolonged exposure to snow and ice can cause damage to your property’s infrastructure? For example, a great deal of snow can add excessive weight to your roof, which might lead to structural issues. Additionally, the freeze-thaw cycle can damage pavement and concrete surfaces. Consistent snow removal helps preserve the integrity of your property and minimize the risk of premature damage.

Winter Clean-Up and Snow Removal Services from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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