The first impression that many customers get of your business happens on the outside. As a result, if the exterior of your business is unkempt or poorly maintained, they are more likely to have a lower perception of your business and less likely to want to come inside. One of the key aspects of maintaining an attractive exterior at any commercial building is landscaping. How can commercial grounds maintenance improve the curb appeal of your business?

Focus on Key Points

Certain parts of your business are more noticeable than others, so it makes sense to focus your commercial grounds maintenance efforts there. Adding flowers around your entrance signage, for example, can dramatically improve your curb appeal without a significant expense. You should also take extra care when maintaining parking lots, entrances facing parking lots, and any sides of the building that face a main road.

Showing You Care

Appearances matter. Would you rather work with a company that has misspelled business cards and inaccurate hours on its website or one that is polished and professional every step of the way? The same is true of the exterior of your business. Investing in the exterior curb appeal of your property will show that you care about how you look—and that you put the same amount of effort towards caring about your customers.

Decreasing Liability

Landscaping that is not properly maintained is not just an eyesore, it can also become a liability. Trees with long branches that are not cared for can drop branches during storms and lead to property damage or injuries. Turf with damage like pitting or holes due to improper care can also cause someone walking across it to get hurt. Properly maintained commercial landscaping decreases your liability.

Work with Professionals

Commercial grounds maintenance is not a small task, and it includes year-round work like bed edging, turf care, fertilization, pruning, fall clean-ups, mulching, and more. Handling things on your own is not an option for most business owners, so you need to work with a company that can handle your needs.

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