March 8, 2018

What Does a Brown Lawn Mean?

The most frustrating part about having brown spots on your residential lawn is not knowing the cause of them. Everything from pet urine to chemicals can lead to lawn discoloration, so determining the exact problem requires channeling your inner detective.

Human or Animal Damage 

  • Dull Lawnmower Blades:
    Dull blades will tear the grass instead of cutting it, which leads to the gradual death of the cut grass. You should always sharpen your lawnmower blades in the spring and fall.
  • Low Mower Height:
    If your lawnmower is set too low to the ground, you might be cutting the grass too short, which causes long-term damage.
  • Chemicals:
    Many chemicals can lead to brown patches of lawn if they are spilled including gas, herbicides, fertilizer and pesticides. Take care to follow application directions carefully and avoid distributing too much product.
  • Animal Urine:
    Dogs, deer and other animals that urinate in your yard can cause unsightly yellow patches. While there isn’t an easy solution for preventing wildlife from urinating on your lawn, you can regulate where your pets urinate to limit discolored spots.

Poor Growing Environment 

  • Soil:
    Soil quality can vary a great deal throughout your yard, and small patches of poor soil can lead to corresponding bare or brown spots in your lawn. Have your lawn aerated regularly and work with a skilled landscaping company to add more nutrients back in the soil.
  • Erosion:
    If your lawn is not properly graded, water will run off slopes and take new grass growth and seeds with it. Aerating your lawn will also help your lawn to absorb moisture more effectively, but serious erosion problems can only be fixed by grading your landscape.
  • Drought:
    On average, lawns need one inch of water every week from irrigation or rain. Extended periods of drought will lead to brown spots and dead patches in your lawn.
  • Dormancy:
    If your lawn is brown at the end of the winter, it might just be dormant and waiting for the warmth of spring to revive it.

Let JFC Grounds Maintenance Do the Detective Work for You

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