November 19, 2020

How to Choose a Snow Removal Company for Your Business

snow plowing parking lot

Snow predictions for winter 2020 are finally being announced, and the region is in for much more snow than last year and frigid temperatures. Is your business ready? Choosing the right snow removal company is essential to keep your property safe and attractive for employees and guests. What factors should you consider?

Ask About Turnaround Time

How long will the company take to respond to snow accumulation once it has finished? No business wants piles of snow blocking the sidewalks and entrance to their building, so choosing a company who responds rapidly is a great idea. Most companies guarantee a response time range so that you can rest easy your snow will be removed.

Ask About Services

What services does the company offer? Some snow removal companies like JFC Grounds Maintenance can also assist with other aspects of recovering from a snowstorm, like reviving your landscape or assisting with pruning off dead branches on shrubs and trees.

Ask About Insurance

Any professional snow removal company should have insurance and proper experience to make sure that they can remove snow and operate industrial snow removal vehicles safely. Some people will try to simply do snow removal as a side business and not obtain proper coverage, but every business should ensure that they only work with properly insured companies.

Start the Process Early

The best time to find a great commercial snow removal company is long before the first snow falls. Most quality companies have competitive schedules, so you should make an effort to secure them as part of your maintenance team now. JFC Grounds Maintenance currently has snow removal spots open and we can care for your landscape and grounds every day of the year!

Winter Snow Removal and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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