April 3, 2020

What Is Commercial Grounds Maintenance?

mowing lawn

Commercial grounds maintenance is a critical part of every business. First impressions matter, and maintaining an attractive and well put together property is a large portion of what makes a great first impression. JFC Grounds Maintenance is proud to be the preferred commercial grounds maintenance provider of many businesses throughout the area. What exactly is commercial grounds maintenance, and why is it so critical?

Commercial Lawn Care, Mowing and Maintenance

A gorgeous lawn is something that everyone will notice, and an unkempt, patchy lawn is also something that everyone will notice! JFC Grounds Maintenance offers high-quality commercial lawn care throughout the growing season, as well as maintenance, aeration and overseeding services during the off-season.

Leaf Removal

A sloppy layer of leaves scattered around your property can take away from all of the beauty present. We can remove leaves during the fall and as needed throughout the year so that your property always looks neat and clean.

Snow Removal

Grounds maintenance doesn’t stop when the seasons change! We also offer snow removal services to keep properties safe and accessible even when snow is on the ground. We can handle pre-treating your parking lot and property, as well as removing snow once it has fallen.

Seasonal Plantings, Plant Maintenance, Weeding & Mulching

Finally, we can also take care of all the plantings, plants, flowers and trees on your property. Seasonal plantings add pops of color, while plant maintenance ensures that the plants that you have are in great condition throughout the year.

Commercial Landscaping and Maintenance from JFC Grounds Maintenance

Ready to take better care of your lawn and landscape? Want an easier way to complete snow removal this winter? Give JFC Grounds Maintenance a call at (410) 655-2887.