March 14, 2018

Designing Your Spring Flower Bed

Spring is almost here, which means that eager gardeners are dreaming up the perfect spring flower bed for their landscapes. If you’re ready to design the best spring flower bed ever, here are some of our best tips for blossoming flowers and bright pops of color.

Pair Bulbs with Hardy Annuals 

Planting bulb after bulb can get tiring, and many gardeners make it through one bag of bulbs and never bother to open another, leaving the yard looking a little sparse. If you inter-plant bulbs like daffodils and tulips with hardy annuals that can stand up to the fall, your flower bed will look like it came straight out of Better Homes and Gardens. Looking for great planting pairs?

  • Tulips and primroses
  • Hyacinths and pansies
  • Daffodils and scented stock
  • Dutch iris and sweet alyssum

Add Flowering Shrubs 

Whenever you want to create a lush landscape filled with flowers, you should always start with trees, then shrubs and finally plants. Shrubs are the bridge between tall trees and small plantings and add interesting texture to your yard. Shrubs also offer beautiful flowers in both sunny and shady parts of the landscape. Azaleas are a classic choice for warm climates, and forsythia is a perfect selection for more temperate areas.

Use Containers 

Flowering containers are a great way to extend the planting season and enjoy bright pops of color before the ground would be hospitable to flowers. Small hanging baskets can be taken into the garage or your home at night, depending on how cold it gets. Many flowering container plants do well in the chill of spring, including:

  • Snapdragon
  • Petunias
  • Annual lobelia
  • Viola
  • Nasturtium

Let JFC Grounds Maintenance Help with Your Spring Flowers

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