April 22, 2019

Why Every Homeowner Should Mulch in the Spring


The smell of mulch goes hand in hand with warmer weather and springtime. Homeowners and business owners throughout Maryland add a fresh coat of mulch to trees, shrubs and garden beds. While you can place mulch at any point during the year and experience some positive effects, spring opens the door for big results.

Why Is Spring the Perfect Time to Mulch?

Spring is usually the time of year that weeds start to pop up around your prized blooms and plantings. Blocking out sunlight is a very effective way to prevent weeds from flourishing in your yard. Mulch also adds major curb appeal by transforming your yard into a fresh and tidy landscape. Properly edged beds with a coat of mulch make your yard look professional and ready for the warm weather ahead.

Mulch naturally absorbs water, so it adds an additional moisture barrier on top of your plantings. This moisture barrier comes in handy during the hot months in Maryland, when the sun can damage or destroy plants without enough hydration. Once the threat of frost is over and warm days are consistent, adding a layer of mulch to your trees, flower beds and shrubs will lock in nutrients and moisture.

Do you have trouble with erosion in your yard? If you don’t have retaining walls or proper grading, erosion can be hard to combat. Mulch helps to keep moisture and nutrients in the soil surrounding your plants and stops spring rain from washing away the rich soil.

What Mulch Should You Choose?

Any organic material can be used as mulch, including compost, wheat hulls, ground leaves, lawn clippings, ground bark, stone or wood chips. Compost and rotten wood chips both work very well because each is filled with bugs, micronutrients and worms that will immediately improve your soil. Ensure that the mulch you purchase has no weed seeds inside of it.

Trust JFC Grounds Maintenance

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