November 7, 2017

Fall & Winter Yard Maintenance

Cold nights and crisp mornings are here to stay for the next few months. While some homeowners think that fall and winter yard maintenance doesn’t matter, these two seasons are actually the most important for ensuring that you have a lush and beautiful lawn come spring.

Fertilize Now 

The first frost is the latest that you can successfully fertilize your lawn in the fall. Before the weather gets even colder, it’s important to nurture your lawn with a high-quality fertilizer. The fertilization now will help your lawn to grow in more vibrant and green in the spring. As a general rule of thumb, yards that are fertilized late in the fall just before the first frost will typically grow back the fastest in the spring.

Don’t Waste Your Leaves 

Do you typically bag up your leaves to dispose of them once you’re done raking? Grind leaves into mulch using your lawn mower and leave them on top of your lawn. Leaving leaf mulch all over your lawn will stop your lawn from losing topsoil and nutrients over the course of the winter. For a more thorough job, use a mulching blade on your mower to grind down the leaves.

Don’t Stop Mowing Your Lawn 

Even when the weather turns colder, you should continue mowing your lawn until you see a noticeable slowdown in the growth. Keep your lawn at least 2 inches tall through the fall and winter months. Never let it grow past 3 inches, or you will put your lawn at a higher risk for diseases.

Get Ready for Cold Weather 

Before the first frost, you should pack up and store your hoses and water features for the winter. Any outdoor faucets or spigots should also be turned off and covered for the season. If you have any plants, flowers or landscaping features that cannot tolerate snow and ice, now is also the time to bring them indoors.

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