October 17, 2017

Fall Yard Care Tips

If you haven’t begun your fall landscaping checklist yet, it’s not too late to get a head start. A little bit of effort in the fall, when the weather is cool and crisp, can save you a lot of headaches come winter. 

Fall Plantings

Fall is the only time to plant bulbs that will beautifully bloom in spring. Two of the most common options are tulips and daffodils. All spring-flowering bulbs are fall-planted bulbs that need cooler temperatures to kick-start the flowering process. You should plant these bulbs before the ground freezes so that they can develop healthy and strong roots. Plant your fall bulbs anytime from September until the ground freezes. Since this fall has been warmer than usual, you still have some time left. If you find a bag of bulbs later in the season, there is nothing wrong with planting them to see what happens. They will dry out before the next fall, so it’s worth a try!

Raking Leaves

No homeowner enjoys raking leaves after the first hour is over. Whether your yard is large with plenty of large oak trees or tiny with only a few bags of leaves to clean up, here are some of our best leaf clean-up tips:

  • On a windy day, always rake with the wind and not against it
  • If you only have a few leaves down in your yard, mow them instead of raking them
  • Choose the right rake for your height and posture at a hardware store
  • If you use a leaf blower, use it on the mulch setting and add it to your compost pile
  • Always wear gloves and a dust mask
  • Use a tarp to transport large piles of leaves from one spot of your yard to the compost area or bags
  • Don’t be afraid to call JFC Grounds Maintenance for help!

Complete Your Fall Plantings and Leaf Removal with JFC Grounds Maintenance

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