October 4, 2017

Fun Halloween Decorations for Your Yard

The nights are getting colder, and ghouls and goblins are lurking around every corner—that is, they are if you use some of these fun Halloween decoration ideas! Halloween is one of the most entertaining times of year thanks to the many creative and elegant landscaping options you can choose from. Here are some of our favorites.

Classic Harvest Décor

If you want to decorate your yard for the fall harvest season without getting too spooky, use traditional decorations in rich fall colors like red, yellow and orange. Pumpkins, gourds, squashes, scarecrows and Indian corn can all be used to decorate your front porch and front door. Use gorgeous fall plantings like mums and ornamental cabbages to round out the scenery.

Experiment with Landscape Lighting

There are countless creative ways to illuminate your yard for October with landscape lighting. You can use color-changing walkway lights in fun hues like orange and purple or dim your lighting for a scary scene. Change your porch and side door lightbulbs to red, orange, yellow or even a black light for another fun seasonal landscape lighting change.

Transitional Halloween Décor

Since Halloween is the start of the holiday season, incorporate transitional décor into your landscaping. If you use a scarecrow, for example, you can dress it in a witch hat for Halloween, traditional scarecrow attire for Thanksgiving and a Santa hat for Christmas. Purchase an artificial wreath for your front door and attach cut-outs based on what holiday is about to occur. Try using black cats for Halloween, leaves for Thanksgiving and ornaments for Christmas.

Embrace the Spirit of the Season

If you are a Halloween-lover and want to go all out, make small tombstones to place in your yard from cardboard boxes on stakes. Carve jack-o-lanterns a few days before Halloween and place them on the walkway leading up to your front entrance. Change your landscape lighting with the tips above, and you’ll be ready for a fun and festive holiday!

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