February 16, 2017

How to get a head-start on welcoming your beautiful spring lawn

Winter doesn’t officially end until March 20th, but in Baltimore it feels like spring may be coming early. It’s too soon to say for sure if we’ll make it through the season without breaking out our snow shovels again. However, it is safe to say that it’s time to start thinking about getting your landscaping ready for spring.

Follow these tips to start preparing:

Remove Debris from Your Yard

If you live near trees in the county or near alleyways in the city, there’s a good chance some unwanted debris has blown into your yard from time to time. It is important to clear all debris from your yard in preparation for a new season. This includes garbage, plastic, old newspapers, dead leaves, broken branches and more. Keeping your yard clear of these items will also help you maintain your home’s curb appeal throughout the seasons.

Prune Your Trees

Many property owners neglect pruning their shrubs, bushes and trees during the winter. However, it is important to shear dead limbs, leaves and branches from these landscaping elements if you want to promote solid growth in the spring.

Loosen the Soil Around Your Plants and Spread New Mulch

You can improve the overall health of your soil (and provide your plants with the head start that they need for the spring) by loosening and aerating the nearby soil. Be sure to remove winter debris, weeds and old layers of mulch before loosening the soil around your plants. Spread new mulch to help your soil retain moisture.

Combat Crabgrass with Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

If you don’t take measures to prevent crabgrass from growing in your yard, you could end up fighting it all season after it comes up. In early spring you should treat your yard with the combination of a pre-emergent (herbicide used to combat crabgrass) and fertilizer. Six to eight weeks after the initial treatment, it’s wise apply both products again in combination with a broadleaf weed killer.

Too Busy for Spring Cleanup? Reach Out to JFC Grounds Maintenance for Help!

Life is busy, and keeping up with your landscaping tasks can be time consuming. At JFC Grounds Maintenance LLC, we maintain the beauty of your landscaping so that you can enjoy your property worry-free – regardless of the season. We would be happy to assist you with lawn maintenance, shrub and tree pruning, watering, tree removal, mulching, lawn fertilization, weed control, spring cleanup and more. Oh yeah, you should also know that we offer snow and ice removal services (just in case we jinxed it).

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