September 13, 2017

Get Ready for Fall in Your Yard

Fall is the perfect season for completing yard work and home improvement tasks thanks to the cooler temperatures. If you are preparing for pumpkin spice and trick-or-treating season, it’s also time to prepare your yard.

Take Care of Your Lawn

Continue to mow your lawn throughout the fall, only trimming away 1/3 of the grass blade at any given time. Aerate your lawn to allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and reach the grass roots. This step ensures a robust lawn in the spring when it regrows. JFC Grounds Maintenance can complete your seasonal lawn aeration tasks and overseed your lawn at the same time.

Prepare for Leaf Collection

The quintessential fall landscaping task is taking care of fallen leaves. Never wait to rake leaves until all of them have fallen, as the accumulated leaves will get wet and leave stains on your yard, in addition to potentially suffocating the grass underneath. If you aren’t interested in tackling the job yourself, schedule your leaf lawn service with JFC Grounds Maintenance for this fall now. A professional leaf removal service has the equipment and staffing to get the job done quickly and easily.

Get Ready for Weeds

The combination of heavy rains and lots of summer sun often lead to tremendous weed growth during the summer. In the fall, weeds will continue to absorb whatever they can to prepare themselves for the winter. Luckily, that includes weed killer and herbicides. If you complete your application of herbicide in the early fall, you won’t need to worry about the weeds coming back again in the spring months.

Now is the Time to Lay Sod

If you are adding to your lawn in a major way, fall is the last chance you have before the winter to lay sod. Always give sod at least four weeks to grow before frost arrives in your area.

Ready to transition to the fall season with skilled landscaping and yard maintenance? Give JFC Grounds Maintenance a call at (410) 655-2887.