March 10, 2016

Getting Ready For Spring: What Your Property Needs

Many take the cold winter months as an opportunity to relax and cuddle up in doors, while waiting for the bright warmth of a hopefully early spring. No one wants to go out in the cold to maintain their lawns and grounds. This can be unpleasant, or even dangerous depending upon conditions. This is why as the ground starts to thaw, and the sun starts to peek out again after the long winter, it’s important to get an early start on your end of winter and pre-spring clean up. This will ensure that as the weather becomes truly beautiful, you’re ready to enjoy it, and not stuck working hard or waiting on soaking up the sun.

The harsh and often inconsistent winter weather can lead to all kinds of damage which makes an early spring clean up ideal. Storms can cause fallen leaves, branches, and all kinds of debris to clutter your once pristine property. If they have damaged any of your trees or foliage, now is the time to get them inspected, removed, and taken care of in any other way. The end of winter is the perfect time to assess your property and figure out what it needs so you can have an effective and easy spring clean up.

If you have always wanted a garden of your own, whether you favor flowers, fresh vegetables, or succulent fruits, early spring is the ideal time to begin to prepare. What do you want to grow, where will you grow it on your property, and how much do you want to grow? You are only limited by your own imagination. Nothing tastes better and is better for you than fresh produce. Get mulching today in order to enjoy those beautiful flowers, vegetables, or fruits all season long.

Mulching is not only for gardens, however. It offers numerous benefits to soil overall, which can greatly improve any property. Mulching effectively conserves moisture, which improves the health and fertility of soil. Healthy soil leads to not only a more visually beautiful and abundant property, where flowers, produce, and foliage can thrive, but contributes to combatting weeds. Often harsh chemicals are used to combat weeds after the fact, but mulching can help nip these pests in the bud in a natural way. It is ideal to start such projects early in the season.

Helping your property recover from the winter months is not a project which can be undertaken overnight. Grounds require a little TLC to bounce back and be lush and beautiful in time for summer. Starting in the late winter or early spring will give you plenty of time to make sure your property can be enjoyed, without any of the stress of last minute rushing. Call JFC Grounds Maintenance LLC today at 410-655-2887 and be ready to take on the warmer seasons with a smile.