September 8, 2020

Give Your Lawn a Great Boost with Aeration and Overseeding


Aeration and overseeding are two critical pieces of landscaping and yard maintenance, and they conveniently can both be done in September. Many Maryland residents are currently dealing with lawns that are worn from so much time at home this spring and summer and tired from the summer heat. Aeration and overseeding give it some much-needed TLC and get it ready for next spring and summer.

Lawn Aeration 101

Lawn aeration uses a special machine to punch quarter-sized holes across your lawn. These holes let nutrients, water, sunlight and air reach different parts of the grass and soil that were previously hidden. Without these holes, the grass can be very compacted and weak. When grass roots get enough nutrition, they will grow strong from the root up and be thicker and greener. Aeration is particularly important if you have used your lawn to hang out, cook out, play or had heavy furniture sitting on top of it during this socially-distanced time. Aeration breaks up the dense dirt particles and allows air, nutrients and water to penetrate in.

Overseeding 101

Overseeding is a fantastic and effective way to grow a thicker and lusher lawn. It works by adding a layer of grass seed over your existing lawn, which is why it’s particularly powerful when used along with aeration. The soil will be looser and the holes punched in your lawn will quickly help the seed to grow. By overseeding in the fall, you give your seeds enough time to develop roots before warm weather returns next year. By putting in a little effort now, you can have the lawn you’ve always dreamed of next year.

The Perfect Timing for Aeration and Overseeding

At JFC Grounds Maintenance, we recommend completing aeration and overseeding in September and early October. The days will still be warm enough to encourage grass growth from the new seeds, but the night is not so cold that the growth will freeze. Our team is happy to visit your property and perform both procedures back-to-back so that you get the most out of them.

Aeration and Overseeding from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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