January 19, 2018

Before You Hit the Road this Winter, Use These Tips

Navigating the roads is stressful this time of year, as a mere inch of snow in the wrong conditions can cause slipping, sliding and crashing. While staying off the roads is the best solution, sometimes driving in winter weather is unavoidable.

Driving in the Winter 

Before you leave the house in winter, even if there isn’t a single snowflake in the forecast, you should ensure that:

  • Your tires are properly inflated based on the PSI recommended by your vehicle manufacturer
  • Your gas tank is at least half full
  • You are well-rested and not fatigued
  • You are not warming up your vehicle in a closed space, like a garage
  • You have emergency supplies, like a blanket, flares, charged mobile phone and shovel in your vehicle

Driving in the Snow 

Driving in the snow is dangerous, but if you know how to properly maneuver your car, you can dramatically lessen the odds that something bad will happen. If you are going to be taking a drive in the snow:

  • Practice accelerating and decelerating slowly to avoid skidding
  • Keep in mind that it takes much longer to brake on snowy roads, so you should stay at least 8-10 seconds behind the car in front of you
  • Avoid stopping if possible, as it is much harder to get moving in the snow once you come to a complete stop
  • Do not hit the gas when going up a hill, as the snow will make your wheels spin without getting any traction

Driving on Ice 

If driving in snow is difficult, driving on ice is treacherous. No driver or type of vehicle is immune from the possibility of losing control when driving on ice. Black ice can cause vehicles to slide off the road at speeds under 10 mph, so any forward motion on the road is dangerous. If you do not have experience driving on icy roads, you should never attempt to do so. If you are used to driving on icy roads and understand the risks, remember to:

  • Turn into a slide if you are fishtailing
  • Be gentle on your brakes, as brakes are often the cause of a slide in icy weather
  • Avoid driving on hills or rural roads

Snow and Ice Removal from JFC Grounds Maintenance

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